Update - student was sent to children's hospital. All scans and test came back good. Doctor just informed family that they can go home tonight! Praise!
7 days ago, Doug Graham
FYI-- We had a fourth grade student that was hit by a vehicle crossing the road in front of elementary. The student was transported by ambulance to our local hospital. Test and further examinations are occurring at this time. The student was conscious and speaking when he left in the ambulance.
8 days ago, Doug Graham
I am very Proud! So many of our students are excelling with their activities in the past few days. I'm looking forward to the academic awards on each campus. Big shout out to our students on the Trap teams, fishing teams, soccer teams, baseball/softball teams and our band students. Job well done! Go Scrap! DG
16 days ago, Doug Graham
Tomorrow is Scrapper Attire day! (Even blue jeans) Go Scrap!
22 days ago, Doug Graham
Great Job Art teachers and students. The Art Show was amazing! "It's a Great Day to be a Scrapper!" Douglas Graham
about 1 month ago, Doug Graham
Electricity is back on at Primary and Junior High. Will keep you updated if something changes. We appreciate SWEPCO and their quick response.
about 1 month ago, Doug Graham
Electricity is out at Primary and Junior High. We are waiting on details from SWEPCO. All students are currently safe. More details as we learn more. Douglas Graham
about 1 month ago, Doug Graham
Reminder---ART SHOW THIS WEEK! I encourage you to attend. The amount of work is obvious and the talent is over the top. Great job students on your work and "thank you" to our staff for making this happen. Kudos to Julie Chesshir, Gabby Bevill, Megan Worthen, and Shawn Dale.
about 1 month ago, Doug Graham
On April 8, our region will experience a solar eclipse. This will be a phenomenon when the moon passes between the Earth and sun. While eclipses are fascinating, we must observe safely. Each student received a pair of certified solar eclipse glasses. Please inspect glasses, wear properly, and supervise children.
about 2 months ago, Doug Graham
Big Shout Out to Stacia Petty and our 2nd grade students. Outstanding job with presenting "The Circus"! Everyone enjoyed!
2 months ago, Doug Graham
In support of our Scrapperette Basketball team, you are encouraged to wear Scrapper attire all week. Good luck!
3 months ago, Doug Graham
Reminder-- Anyone attending the Regional Basketball Tournament will need an electronic ticket. Tickets will not be sold at the door. No local passes will be accepted! (employee passes, corporate passes, 65+ passes) AAA passes only. You can find the link on any school social media to purchase your ticket.
3 months ago, Doug Graham
NES class picture day, Monday, February 12th
3 months ago, Tyra Hughes
All 7-12 students will be admitted free to tonight's game against DeQueen. Games start at 6:00 pm.
4 months ago, Doug Graham
If your student rides, the red chick bus it is running late today.
4 months ago, Tyra Hughes
Nashville Schools will open at regular time today. (January 22, 2024). Raining with temperatures above freezing. All roads clear. You are encouraged to still use caution.
4 months ago, Doug Graham
With the prediction of freezing rain/ice moving in early tomorrow morning, we will not make a decision on school until after 5 am. Parents will need to have an alternate plan in place should the district have to make a last-minute call due to weather concerns.
4 months ago, Doug Graham
Thank you for participating in our community survey. Your input is valued and the results will be utilized in the decision making process. The survey is closed.
4 months ago, Doug Graham
Conditions are favorable for Black Ice. Temperatures are slightly above freezing with mist falling in some places. Please be careful coming to school. Absences and tardies due to conditions will be excused. Do not take any chances. Be safe!
4 months ago, Doug Graham
Nashville School District will have school tomorrow. (1-17-24). Busses will not run down any icy roads. If you live in an area where roads are still icy, you will need to get your child to the nearest paved road or bring them to school. Absences and tardies due to icy conditions will be excused. BE SAFE!
4 months ago, Doug Graham