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The Nashville School District makes the following information and data easily accessible on the district website for our patrons.

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Nashville School District board meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Board Room of the NSD Administration Building (600 N 4th St, Nashville, AR 71852).



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Current Legislation

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*Arkansas Legislature Act 1747

State of Arkansas Act 1747 requires public schools to publish specific Information on their district web sites. This Act amends Arkansas Code 6-13-620 by adding the requirement that a school district must publish on the district's web page, minutes of regular and special meetings of the school board; the budget for the ensuing year; financial breakdown of monthly expenses of the district; salary schedule for all employees; the school district's yearly audit; and the Annual Statistical Report.

*Arkansas Legislature Act 1802

State of Arkansas Act 1802 of 2003, requires all school districts in Arkansas to make available all district employees' contract information and salary schedule of the district.