ESL Mission & Philosophy

Mission Statement

Maximize on English Learner’s strengths and assets to meet English Proficiency while receiving rigorous curriculum standards to achieve high levels of academic success.


The primary philosophy of the Nashville School District’s ESOL program is to take an asset based approach in considering the cultural differences of our families and to implement a program that will benefit and improve education for each child who enters school regardless of their English proficiency and/or cultural backgrounds and perspectives.  All students will have equitable access in our education system through appropriate linguistic and social support as well as meaningful communication with parents and/or guardians. Letters and other information sent home will be in a language or form the parents and/or guardians understand.  Other issues related to the educational needs of an increasingly diverse student population will be addressed in a timely and proactive manner.

Furthermore, the Nashville School District will provide a balanced ESOL program that will prepare English Learners (ELs) to function in both the academic and social arenas.  It is the express goal of the Nashville Public Schools to provide a safe learning environment for all students, including those who come from a language background other than English.  We acknowledge our responsibility to assist these students in learning and acquiring English while also helping them master content area material.  Additionally, we realize it is our duty to provide cultural literacy for students to participate in the local and broader community while also sustaining their home language and culture.