Staying connected with the Nashville School District is easy.  In addition to being able to find information on our website you can use our E-Notes service to receive notifications from the district, your student’s school and even your student’s teachers.  Notifications may include district news, school or class activities or classroom events such as projects, tests or field trips.  You can receive notifications via text or email in your own language.  

Parents & Students

The E-Notes Notification Center allows parents and students to control their eNote Subscriptions and how they are notified. 

If you or your child attends the Nashville School District, you can receive notifications only if your contact information is current.  In order to enhance our ability to accurately deliver information to you, we kindly request that you create your personal contact profile using the E-Notes Notification Center found below.  Here you can edit your contact info and manage your subscriptions to district, building and classroom lists.

If you’ve already created an account you can sign in below.  Or set one up now.


If you don’t have students in the Nashville School District but you’d still like to keep up with District news including COVID-19 Updates you can still get get our notifications.  Just use the area below to sign up for District News and Alerts ONLY.  After filling in the information below just click the “Subscribe” button.  (email is NOT required)