Online Membership/Health Form


The following policies will apply and must be agreed upon by all 7th, 8th, and 9th grade students who wish to join NJHS FBLA:

  1. Dues are $8.00 for the year and are NON-REFUNDABLE.  ($4.00 national, $2.00 state, and $2.00 local).

  2. IF student wishes to attend Fall Conference you must include the conference fees and t-shirt money, the total for students wanting to join and attend Fall Conference is $23.00.

  3. Being a member DOES NOT GUARANTEE your participation in field trips.  In order to go on a field trip, the following guidelines WILL APPLY TO YOU:

    • Must be a paid NJHS FBLA Member.

    • Must PARTICIPATE in and be an ACTIVE member who works on projects and fundraisers.  Non-active members will not be given permission slips to attend meeting off campus or for trips.

    • Must set a good example and exhibit correct behavior in all classes.

    • Students who have been SUSPENDED will not be permitted to travel on field trips.

    • Students who have been in ISS for 3 or more days will not be permitted to travel on field trips.

    • As NJHS Principal, Mrs. Tackett and as FBLA Advisers, Mrs. Conant and Mrs. Gordon reserve the right to deny permission to any disruptive or disrespectful students to participate in any activities off campus. 

    • Any inappropriate behavior on field trips will prevent said student(s) from attending any other meetings for the remainder of the year.

    • The principal and advisers reserve the right to dismiss students from FBLA if their behavior warrants this action.

    • All students attending any field trip must have completed a health form. 

Please fill out the following health information.  This information is required before students are allowed to participate in FBLA-ML activities and field trips.