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Food Services Department

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Welcome to the Nashville School District's Food Services Page.


To apply for free and reduced price school meals please complete the form and return to:

Nashville Public Schools
600 N 4th Street
Nashville, AR 71852
Attention: Julie Smith

Free & Reduced Meal Form

Meal Charge and Delinquent Debt Policy

Model Wellness Policy USDA


Make Payments to your child's meal account online! The student ID number will be needed to set up an account, where parents can make a payment for meals or view the students account.  Parents can go to the school website under food service and there will be a link for the MySchoolAccount payment option.  Parents may also pay for meals at the student’s school cafeteria or to the food service director located at the school administration office.

MySchoolAccount Parent Letter



The Nashville Schools Child Nutrition Program provides hot nutritious meals to students, staff and parents on a daily basis.  These meals are designed for students based on USDA guidelines and are consistent with the dietary guidelines for Americans. 

USDA provides menu planning guidelines including a meal pattern for the school lunch and breakfast programs. 

Please view our Nutrition Nuggets newsletter!

These are the new dietary guidelines for the 2014-2015 school year.

Calorie ranges vary for the different age groups:
Grade Level – K-5            Grade Level – 6-8               Grade Level – 9-12
Breakfast – 350-500                          Breakfast – 400-500                             Breakfast – 450-600
Lunch – 550-650                                Lunch – 600-700                                   Lunch – 750-850

Meal pattern for grades K-5 and 6-8:
8-9 of grains per week (K-5)  8-10 oz. of grains per week (6-8)
10-12 oz. of meat/meat alternative per week
3¾ cup vegetables weekly (must include: ½ cup dark green, ¾ cup red/orange,
    ½ cup legumes, ½ cup starchy and ½ cup other)
2 ½ cups fruit per week
1 cup milk (low-fat and fat free, flavored and unflavored) daily

Meal pattern for grades 9-12:
10 -12 oz. of grains per week or 2 servings per day
10 -12 oz. of meat/meat alternative per week
5 cups vegetables weekly (must include: ½ cup dark green, 1 ¼ cups read/orange,
   ½ cup legumes, ½ cup starchy and ¾ other)
5 cups fruit per week
1 cup milk (low-fat and fat free, flavored and unflavored) daily

For more information on the meal pattern you may go to

School meal prices are as follows:
Breakfast Paid Student   ------------------ Free
Breakfast Reduced Student   ------------ Free
Breakfast Adult ------------------------------ $2.25

Lunch Paid Student -- --------------------- $2.20
Lunch Reduced Student ----------------- $  .40
Lunch Adult ----------------------------------- $3.70

Ala Carte prices will be increased this school year due to higher food costs.



If your child has a food allergy, please have your physician fill out the dietary form provided at registration and return to the school.  These forms are required to be completed yearly on any child who may need an alternate meal.



The Nashville School District’s Wellness Committee meets at least 3 times per school year. The committee develops, reviews, updates, and implements the local school wellness policy as mandated by the Arkansas Department of Education.

We invite our school and community stakeholders to participate in the annual development of the wellness policy. Anyone interested in becoming a committee member should contact Rick Rebsamen, NES Assistant Principal and NSD Wellness Committee Chairman.

Rick Rebsamen



Model Wellness Policy USDA

Wellness Committee Requirements Checklist – Implementation and Compliance – 2017

NSD Health and Wellness District Assessment – ACSIP/Indistar

Nondiscrimination Statement


If you have questions please call Julie Smith, Food Service Director, 870.845.3425.
We look forward to serving all students, parents, and staff!